Daniel Negreanu Masterclass 2021

Considering learning all things poker? Hunting for an online class for poker in 2021? Then look no further than the Daniel Negreanu Masterclass course. 


In this review of Negreanu’s Masterclass course, we take you through everything the course has to offer. 

The Dan Negreanu Masterclass Course Review

Key facts about this course:

– 38 lessons (10 – 20 minutes long)
– Superb production quality
– Ideal for any poker fan
– Opportunity to learn from a pro


Poker has become hugely popular over the last two decades or so, as the internet has provided millions more people with the chance to experience the game. As the numbers playing the game have grown, so demand for poker coaching has risen. Masterclass are offering you the chance to sharpen up your poker skills with their course taught by superstar player Daniel Negreanu. Here, we’ll take a closer look at the Masterclass course on poker taught by Daniel Negrenanu. You can find out all about what the course contains, as well as the kind of time commitment that it requires from you. We’ll also tell you a bit about Negreanu himself, just in case you’re a newcomer to poker who has never heard of the Canadian. Read on to find out more!

How Long Is The Daniel Negreanu Masterclass Course?

The Masterclass course in poker is one of the longest that we have seen from them. There are 38 lessons in total in the course, each lasting around 12 minutes. The lessons are intended to cater for all levels of ability, so poker novices as well as seasoned veterans can benefit from signing up for it. In addition to the video lessons, there is a downloadable workbook that contains extra course materials.


Of course, as well as the time you take to watch the video lessons, you will also need to spend some time working through the material and practicing the things that Negreanu teaches. Given the length of the course, the time commitment needed from you is quite considerable. You need to bear this in mind before you sign up for it. What makes the course simpler to access is that you can view all course materials on your mobile device. This is convenient and can make learning more time efficient too

Daniel Negreanu Masterclass: Course Content

Obviously, in a course that lasts for 38 lessons there is plenty of material covered. The course opens with an introduction from Negreanu to his career and his poker credentials, which is interesting in itself. Then it moves on to cover some of the more esoteric aspects of poker. We start with a lesson on position, and how to come up with the most effective moves for early, middle and late stages of a game of poker. This lesson is all about playing the right cards at the right time, something that really is the essence of poker strategy.


Interestingly, there is also a lesson on game and theory and mathematics, highlighting the intellectual depth of this Masterclass course. Other aspects of poker, such as C betting, Three betting and check raising are covered in subsequent lessons, while there are two lessons on bluffing, which remains one of the most important factors in poker.


After dealing with the specifics of playing individual games of poker, the course moves on to deal with aspects of tournament play. You will learn how to play well in the early and late stages of tournaments, as well as how to navigate the ‘bubble’ that often occurs in tournaments. As you would expect, spotting and masking tells are also covered, while there are also sessions on how you can shape your thinking while in action at the poker table.


The course closes with some personal insight from Negreanu. He shares lessons he has picked up from some of the most challenging situations of his career. Significantly, the course’s final lesson is on the differences between online and live poker, something that is growing in importance to massive numbers of poker fans.

Who Is Daniel Negreanu?

Daniel Negreanu is a Canadian poker star. He was born in Toronto in 1974, but is now based, perhaps unsurprisingly, in La Vegas. He was born just a year after his parents emigrated from Romania, and showed plenty of ambition as a youngster. He was always convinced that he would make plenty of money and end up living in California. Despite initial dreams of becoming a professional snooker player, he learned to play poker at the age of 15, and his future was sealed.


After developing his skills on the local poker scene in Toronto, Negreanu left for Las Vegas, Nevada at the age of 22. Just prior to his move to the USA, he met and went on to marry Evelyn Ng, who would also become a famous professional poker player. His first move to Las Vegas did not work out well, though. He had soon exhausted his bankroll, and was forced to move back home to Canada.


His career would take off in the 21st century, with Negreanu enjoying tremendous success. He has won six World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets, and has also won two World Poker Tour (WPT) championships. He has reached the finals of many other World Poker Tour and World Series of Poker championships, and was named as Player of the Year by Card Player in 2004, and also as WSOP Player of the Year. He would win the WPT Player of the Year award in 2004/05.


In 2013, he became the only player to ever win the WSOP Player of the Year award for a second time, and also managed to pick up another two WSOP bracelets. In later 2014, Negreanu was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. In 2016, the Canadian took home a cool $1 million, when he won the Shark Cage Tournament, which was organised by PokerStars.net.

By January 2020, Negreanu’s career winnings from live tournaments stood at more than $42 million. Of that amount, his 106 cashes at the WSOP accounts for over $16 million of that figure. As well as playing poker successfully, Negreanu has also written a book on poker strategy called ‘Power Hold’em Strategy, as well as hundreds of articles on poker for Card Player magazine. He even made a cameo appearance as (what else?) a card player in the movie ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’.

Summary & Conclusion

We suspect that the name of Daniel Negreanu will be enough to draw the attention of most poker fans to this course. But there is also a level of detail and depth of insight that goes far beyond simply having a celebrity tutor. The length of the course alone means that it packs in plenty of detail. Almost every imaginable aspect of poker is covered, and the personal insights that Negreanu provides are invaluable. In many ways, those personal insights are the most interesting aspect of this Masterclass course.


So if you are in any way interested in developing your poker skills we would recommend that you give this course a try. You can sign up on a one-off basis for £85, or you can access it as part of one of the Masterclass subscription packages that are available for £14.17 a month. We have to say that that is excellent value for a course that offers insight of such value and depth.


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