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Massimo Bottura Teaches Modern Italian Cooking

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Massimo Bottura teaches you his take on traditional Italian cookingÑfrom risotto to tortelliniÑand shares techniques for reimagining your own recipes.


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(Last Updated On: January 7, 2022)

Is The Massimo Bottura’s Masterclass Course Worth It?

Welcome To Our Massimo Bottura’s Masterclass Course Review.

Whether you are a chef or a science geek, Masterclass offers courses that suit everyone’s needs. With unique presentations, premium video quality, and A-listed celebrities as instructors, this online learning platform has exceeded learners’ expectations every year since 2015.

When you can get the chef of one of the best restaurants in the world as your instructor, there’s no doubt that the culinary sessions will be unmatched. The owner of Osteria Francescana, Chef Massimo Bottura, treats this restaurant as his lab to experiment on food. In this Massimo Bottura’s Masterclass Course Review, we study how Massimo’s lessons offer you much more than you sign up for, from making traditional Italian dishes to utilizing leftovers!

3 Things We Loved About The Massimo Bottura’s Masterclass Course:

  • Chance to learn Italian culinary from one of the best chefs.
  • Vast learning content.
  • Excellent audio and video quality

1 Thing We Would Improve:

  • Limited number of learning videos.

Massimo Bottura’s Masterclass Course Overview

Massimo’s Masterclass of Modern Italian Cooking is nothing less than a culinary adventure. Your Italian palate will gain new colours with flavourful and delicious dishes. Anyone who decides to take the class will be amazed after knowing the revolution of Italian cooking.

Massimo conducts this class with his Sous-chef, whose name is Taka Kondo. He divides the lessons of intricate dishes into two parts so as to make them easier to grasp. Massimo shares his take on traditional dishes and presents their recipes with twists. Not only that, but the course is overall enjoyable due to his lively delivery.

In one lesson, Massimo illustrates how one can transform sweetbreads and leftovers into a beautiful and delicious cake. We especially loved Emilia Burger’s lesson, where he interpreted every ingredient of a burger that ultimately represents an Italian region Emilia Romagna. This particular lesson was very much thought-provoking.

Besides that, he discloses the secrets of many of his versions of Italian dishes that taste exotic and are exquisitely beautiful. In “Spin-Painted” beet, Massimo says that he got the inspiration for this delicious dish from one of his favorite artists, namely Damien Hirst. Massimo also introduces the students to the basics of Italian cuisine. The chef shares the ideas that went into creating two signature dishes from his restaurant, Osteria Francescana.

Massimo Bottura’s Masterclass Course – Final Thoughts

Italians have a fierce love and passion towards their tradition and food. Based on our Massimo Bottura’s Masterclass Course Review, Massimo’s braveness left us awestruck. Massimo was bold and genius enough to introduce a whole new chapter in Italian culinary books.

Anyone who takes the course would understand how thoughtfully Massimo develops a new taste in traditional dishes and introduces new dishes, some with twists on the traditional ones. Now, if you’re asking us, “Is Massimo Bottura’s Masterclass Course worth it?” – we would say that there’s no room for any doubt about this course’s worth. To sum it up, it’s a big “Yes”!

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