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Cultural Critique (OPINION)

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If you have studied German before, check your current grammar & reading proficiency at the Institut für Internationale Kommunikation Heinrich-Heine-Universität, e.V., or with the Goethe Institut's placement test.

Learn the GERMAN KEYBOARD here, and select it for use in your browser settings !

Study Outlines

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1. To register, COMPLETE this LOGIN request only once, and remember...

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...INCOMPLETE applications will be ignored!

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 2. Then, e-mail author / instructor, Joe Scott, specifying your interests.

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HS4A HS4B  U4   3. Wait for e-mail welcoming you to our tutorial.

Independent Study

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  • Learn Norwegian at: Snakk Norsk Online® by Camilla Ombudstvedt, Kjellaug Kårstad, Silje Bannister, Joe Scott, et al.

  • Learn Danish at: Tale Dansk Online® by ???, Joe Scott, et al.

  • Learn Swedish at: Tala Svenska Online® by ???, Joe Scott, et al.

  • Learn Icelandic at: Tala íslensku online® by ???, Joe Scott, et al.

  • Learn Dutch at: (to be announced) by ???, Joe Scott, et al.

  • Learn Spanish at: (to be announced) by Amanda Cusick, Joe Scott, et al.

Joseph L. Scott, Ph.D.


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